Inspired by reality,
enhanced with a little imagination.

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Annette Connolly is a self taught Irish artist who’s work is progressing and changing with each new artwork produced.

Using oil paint to blend misty tones and combining acrylic paint for depth and contrast, each highly texturised piece makes you want to reach out and touch the surface.

Each intuitive tactile painting is produced using energetic pallet knife strokes expressing her creativity. Light plays an important role in Annette’s artwork, as a burst of light creates energy and focus within each frame giving the viewer a great uplifting sense of positivity.

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    I ordered a painting from aconnollyart for my husbans birthday. It arrived by registered post the same week which was really quick and gave me plenty of time to get it framed. My husband loved it! might buy myself one next.
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    I recently bought myself a picture for my home office. It has really brightened the whole room up and I now really like working in this room. Thank you!
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    Very happy with my new painting. It even looks a lot better than in the pictures and also bigger. Getting it framed this week and can't wait to get it hung in my hallway.
    “I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else”
    - Pablo Picasso